Ear Pain

Ear infections either middle ear infections (Otitis media) or outer ear infections, ie: swimmer's ear, (Otitis Externa) are the most common causes of ear pain in children.

Otitis media is usually associated with low grade fever, runny nose, cough and congestion. Typically your child will be fussy and may pull on their ear.

Otitis externa or swimmer's ear is mainly in kid 5or 6 and above. This is from spending a lot of time in either the swimming pool or lake. The child will have severe pain, especially when touching the ear. The other symptoms associated with Otitis Media are usually absent. Parents can help prevent swimmer's ear by flushing out their child's ear (AS LONG AS YOUR CHILD DOES NOT HAVE EAR TUBES!) with a solution of ½ rubbing alcohol and ½ white vinegar after swimming.