Most coughs are either caused by viral illness or allergy symptoms. Coughs tend to worsen when your child is lying down due to the drainage from the upper airway. OTC meds such as benadryl and dextromethorphan may provide some symptomatic relief-see dosage of common medications.

If the cough lasts longer than 3-4 days or is associated with difficulty breathing and/or fever, I need to see your child.


Croup is a type of cough that often affect children of all ages usually in the early fall and spring. The cough is a characteristic bark that sounds like a walrus or goose. It is often associated with an inspiratory sound that is frightening to both child and parents. You can be reassured that your child is not going to stop breathing or that the airway is going to close off-it just sounds that way!. Unfortunately croup usually occurs in the middle of then night. The best things to do are to comfort your child, then to "steam" up the bathroom and place your child in the bathroom for 5- 10 minutes then go outside in the cool night air. Usually after steam and cool, your child will calm down and be ok for the rest of the night. You should call the office in the am for an update. If they continue to be "croupy" despite steam/cool, please call the office immediately.