6 Month Check Up


Continue to breast feed or formula feed either on a schedule or on demand. Babies may now eat less frequently-4 to 5 times daily-with total volume often between 24-30 ounces.

You may begin to give up to 4 ounces of water (either tap or bottled) daily. I would suggest introducing the cup now and see how they do.

Vegetables, fruits, meats, and some table foods may now be introduced. Begin with a vegetable, either yellow or green. Give small amounts at lunch or dinner. Cereal can be continued at breakfast. Give each food over a 3-4 day time period and then change to another food.

Example: start out with squash for a few days, then sweet potatoes, then carrots, etc. Then you may begin green vegetables and fruits and transition in the same way. You can also begin some table foods. Applesauce, plain yogurt, puddings, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. or you can make your own baby food. Remember it is the texture of the foods that are important. If it is a soft food, they can probably sample it. Foods to avoid are: honey, strawberries, peanuts, and eggs.

Do not feed your babies "finger foods" quite yet. Let them naturally progress to this point. This is usually when they develop the thumb to forefinger grasp and this is about at 8-9 months. Continue and try to give the poly-vi-sol drops. HAVE FUN FEEDING YOUR BABY!


Continue with a good bedtime routine. Hopefully, most babies will be in a good routine and will sleep about 10-12 hours a night, with a couple of naps during the day.

*Continue placing your baby on their back or side, however, they may roll over onto their stomach. They will be fine.*


Continue to read to your child. They should begin to sit with support, bear weight on there legs, roll over (usually just one way), grab there toes, transfer objects from one hand to the other and put things into their mouth. Some may begin to get up on all 4's and scoot or army crawl. They will begin to recognize their name and become much more verbal. Hopefully, if you have had a fussy baby up to this point, they should be much better


Continue in a rear facing car seat. Once your baby reaches about 18 pounds and 28 inches long, you will need to change from the carrier to convertible car seat, however they still need to be rear facing until one year. Continue sunscreen and may begin insect repellent. I recommend "Family Off".Become aware of plants, cords, outlets and small choking hazards on the floor and in the cabinets. Also begin to close your bathroom door.

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