4 Month Check Up


Continue to breast feed or formula feed either on a schedule or on demand. You may begin some rice cereal now. The frequency and amount is not that important. This is giving your baby the opportunity to learn to eat. Mix the cereal (initially) to a thin consistency and feed it on a spoon. Mix the cereal with either breast milk, formula, or juice. As they continue to do well, you can increase the amount and consistency.

Feed cereal in conjunction with the formula or breast milk. This is not to take the place of a feeding. If unsure call the office. Always try and feed the bottle or breast first, then cereal. After 1 month of cereal, you can begin to add fruit (applesauce, etc) and mix in with the cereal. Will we discuss beginning vegetables and table foods at the 6 month check up.

Continue and try to give the poly-vi-sol drops. Water and or juice in the bottle are still not needed.


Continue with a good bedtime routine. Most formula fed babies should be able to sleep through the night and breast feeding babies will almost be there. Typically babies this age will sleep anywhere between 12-16 hours a day including 2-3 naps during the day.

*Remember that your baby still needs to be placed on their back or side for sleep.*


Read books, the newspaper and sing to your baby

They will begin to laugh, become more verbal, and recognize family members.

They should be able to bear weight on legs, begin to grab and reach for objects and may roll on to their side.

Continue putting your baby on their stomach while awake.


Continue in a rear facing car seat

Remember as babies start to roll over, they can roll off of the bed, changing table, etc.

Begin sunscreen-SPF 30 when sun exposure is expected.

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