36 Month Check Up


Continue with 2% milk and maintain good healthy choices for your kids. Expect picky eaters.


Maintain a good bedtime routine. Almost all kids will now be in a toddler bed. Most kids will still take a single afternoon nap, however some may not take any naps


Continue to read to your child. Limit time in front of TV. Encourage plenty of time outside. Children now will be ready to start a tricycle or bicycle. Language will be very good-about 75% recognizable by others. Kids will know now a few colors, begin to count, and recognizes some shapes. They may also recognize a few letters and numbers.


The car seat needs to remain in the back seat. Continue to be aware of choking hazards. Learn child CPR. Use sunscreen daily and insect repellent when appropriate. Turn your hot water heater down one notch from the highest setting. Place all chemicals, cleaning agents, pet food, etc up and out of the way. Also do not keep water stored in 5 gallon buckets. Do not leave unattended in the bath. Avoid trampolines.


Continue to firm and consistent. Kids will do much better if they have a good, regular schedule to follow. Expect more fits, more difficult behavior and not always following directions very well.


Try and brush teeth at least once a day. Begin a small amount of toothpaste. Introduce dental floss at this age. Children should see a dentist now.


Most girls and about 50% of all boys will either be potty trained or beginning to get there. Try to be as patient as possible-this is sometimes very difficult. Reward for positive results but do not punish for accidents. Almost all kids (99%) in my practice are trained by 4 and all are by 5. If you notice significant stool holding or constipation, please call the office. Expect that many kids will be "dry" during the day but not a night. This is normal.

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