2 Month Check Up


Continue to breast feed or formula feed either on a schedule or on demand. BF babies will need to eat more often than formula fed babies, and may still wake up about one to two times per night.

If using formula, babies will now take anywhere b/w 4-8 ounces per feed. Please make sure that your baby gets at least 20 ounces of formula daily and a maximum of 36 ounces daily. If they are exceeding more than 36 ounces daily, please call the office.

Please continue to hold off on giving any cereal, baby or table food until the 4 month check up. Begin poly-vi-sol with iron drops at 2 months of age. They are available OTC and yes they taste horrible. Do your best in giving daily.


I would suggest beginning a sleep routine for your infant at this time. Establish a bedtime that seems reasonable but also works for your family. Attempt every night to do the same thing, ie: bath, feeding, reading a story and bed. Try and put your baby to sleep while he/she is still awake. If you can establish a good sleep routine at this age, you will thank yourself in the future.

*Remember that your baby still needs to be placed on their back or side for sleep.*


Spend time on stomach when awake

Read books, the newspaper and sing to your baby

They should begin to smile in regard to your face

They should begin to gain some head control, begin to open hands some, and make a few sounds.


You may notice that the frequency of the stools may decrease dramatically at this age. What may have been multiple times a day may now be daily or every other day.


Rear facing car seat (carrier)

Always place in the backseat. If you must place in the front seat, disconnect the passenger side air bag.

Do not warm up milk (formula, expressed breast milk) in the microwave.

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