12 Month Check Up


Begin the transition to whole milk with a goal of between 16-20 ounces daily. You can begin a slow transition from formula to milk or just stop formula and begin milk. Most kids do fine. Either continue with the bottle or begin to give in a cup. For mom's that are still breastfeeding, congratulate yourself. Not many make it this long. I would suggest attempting to begin whole milk even if you are not ready to wean.

Continue to advance the diet by increasing the texture and food groups as your child tolerates. It is ok to begin strawberries, eggs, and some honey at this age also. Peanut butter is probably ok (everyone has a different opinion) unless there is a family history of a nut allergy. Please be careful with choking hazards: grapes, olives, hot dogs, big pieces of breads, fatty bacon, etc. Kids can handle most food types as along as the volume is not excessive. Continue with plenty of water during the day.


Continue with a good bedtime routine. Hopefully, most babies will be in a good routine and will sleep about 10-12 hours a night, with a couple of naps during the day.


Continue to read to your child. Children now will be close to walking and almost all will be crawling. They will say a couple of words and begin to understand much more of what you say to them. They will like to play with toys and go outside.


You may now turn around your car seat. The car seat needs to remain in the back seat. Close the bathroom doors, be careful in the kitchen with the dishwasher, stove and oven. Lock your outside doors. You can give them a drawer or cabinet that has pots/pans to play with, but make the kitchen off limits when you are cooking.

Continue to be aware of choking hazards. Learn child CPR. Use sunscreen daily and insect repellent when appropriate. Turn your hot water heater down one notch from the highest setting. Place all chemicals, cleaning agents, pet food, etc up and out of the way. Also do not keep water stored in 5 gallon buckets. Do not leave unattended in the bath.


Continue to firm and consistent. Kids will do much better if they have a good, regular schedule to follow.


Begin to either wipe down your child's teeth or use a finger brush. The goal is getting them used to having something in their mouth and in the habit of daily oral care. Toothpaste is not needed yet.

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